Call of Duty on Steam? Call of Duty 2? Gun? Yup.

Activision and Valve announced today that Steam will now offer 4 of Activisions popular games very soon, in fact later this month though an exact date wasn't given. The 4 titles that will be offered and the prices are:
  • Call of Duty - $19.95
  • Call of Duty: United Offensive - $19.95
  • Gun - $19.95
  • Call of Duty 2 - $39.95
Activision, seeing the obvious opportunity here made a wise choice. What with the recent Triton debacle, and the unproven EA Downloader, Steam is really the only "big dog" in the online distribution realm. There are others of course, such as Stardock's own service, but Steam has over 10 million users, and that is a huge number folks.
In unrelated news, City Life the recent "city building" game released by Monte Cristo is also now available on Steam for $39.95 and just yesterday the critically loved Psychonauts was also added to the Steam universe for $19.95. It is pretty obvious that Valve is moving Steam away from the original premise of a hardcore gamers platform, to more of an all around get everything and the kitchen sink platform. And this alone makes Steam a very important service. You can now get every imaginable game genre on Steam (I think) not to mention casual games such as Pop Cap's back catalog.
Good game Valve, good game.
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