Campaigners report titsup ADSL exchanges

Broadband campaigners are spitting feathers after reporting that their recently ADSL-upgraded exchanges don't appear to be working.

Net users in Leek and Irby - which had their exchanges converted to ADSL last week after drumming up enough local demand for broadband - are reporting problems trying to connect to ADSL.

And there are reports that the problems are not isolated and that as many as ten recently-enabled exchanges are also suffering connection problems.

A statement on the broadband4leek campaign Web site says that its exchange is suffering "a major problem".

"So far, everybody I know who's activated is suffering service outages. Something at BT's end is broken, whether it be equipment in the actual exchange, or something else," it said.

A similar message on the site urges those who cannot get their ADSL service to work to escalate the problem to their ISPs.

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News source: The Reg.

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