Can Windows 7 overcome Vista driver woes?

Windows Vista's biggest problem during its release was that most of the devices didn't work due to the lack of driver support from many OEMs/vendors (at that time) . ApcMag reports that Microsoft is hoping for zero hardware install problems when Windows 7 finally hits the market. Getting third-party hardware to work is, as Microsoft recognizes, perhaps the most crucial factor in making Windows 7 a success.Below is a chart that shows the success and failure rates of device drivers in Vista SP1 (September 2008)

The chart above clearly shows that the hardware support certainly needs to be addressed well with Windows 7!

Another major challenge for Microsoft is getting more 64-bit drivers released. 64-bit versions of Vista now account for 25% of new system sales in the US, though the global figures are much lower. Microsoft recently urged hardware engineers, at its annual WinHEC conference, to ensure 64-bit drivers are ready for Windows 7.

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