Can you tell the difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5?

The new iPhone 5 was announced on Wednesday, but members of the general public can't actually buy the next iOS smartphone from Apple until September 21st. But the iPhone 4S is still on sale and it appears that lots of people can't tell the difference.

The late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live showed a segment on Wednesday night, later uploaded on YouTube, that shows that people on the street, told that a iPhone 4S unit is in fact the iPhone 5, make lots of flat out wrong judgements.

The video is filled with people who claim that the "new" iPhone 5 model is faster, lighter, brighter, has a larger screen and more. A man who holds his own iPhone 4S next to the "iPhone 5" claims that the new version is lighter and better constructed. Another person says that the device is "way better" than the iPhone 4S.

All in all, it shows that at least some consumers simply don't have the ability to figure out when they are being told a fib. It reminds us of the time a person bought an iPad from someone on the street and later found out it was just a piece of wood.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube page

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