Canada gets Xbox 360 price cut loving also

Our good friend Major Nelson let us know earlier today that our friends to the North in Canada will indeed get the previously announced US only Xbox 360 price cuts! Canada will see a $100 CDN price cut across the board on all Xbox 360 systems, so let the good times roll folks.

The new Canadian prices for Xbox 360 units are as follows:

Xbox 360 Core System will now be $299 (CDN)
Xbox 360 "Premium" System with the 20 GB hard drive, wireless controller and headset will now be $399 (CDN)
And last but not least the Xbox 360 "Elite" system with the 120 GB hard drive will now be priced at $499 (CDN)

Also announced pricing wise for Canada is the "Halo 3 Special Edition" Xbox 360 which will be released in September (sans Halo 3 though, huh? ) for $449 (CDN) which is of course just the Xbox 360 core system, with a Halo 3 paint job, and the "Play and Charge" kit for the wireless controller.

So there you have it my Canadian friends. Enjoy those price cuts. Now, when will Microsoft show Europe some love?

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