Canadian Internet provider testing ultra-fast speeds

Canadian Internet service provider Shaw, said it will be testing out a new ultra-fast broadband connection, with download speeds up to one gigabit per second (1Gbps).  These speeds will be 10 times faster than the fastest connection Canada has to offer, and approximately 100 times faster than most Canadians currently have, says the CBC.

Shaw Communication Inc. president, Peter Bissonnette, said "We are on the leading edge of change with this trial - bringing blazing speeds and new network capabilities that will give us a springboard for future possibilities."

Shaw currently offers a 100Mbps download speed, 5Mbps upload with 400GB monthly data transfer for $149 a month in select provinces and areas.  Japan offers a 160Mbps connection for roughly $60 a month, while Europe offers speeds up to 120Mbps for roughly $100 a month.

Shaw offers similar pricing to what is offered in the United States.  Recently, both Canada and the United States have been criticized for their lack of competition in broadband, compared to other countries, resulting in slower speeds for consumers.  Europe and Asia offer an open-access policy, where service providers share infrastructure.

The United States is currently ranked 13 out of 30 countries in terms of Internet speed, while Canada is ranked much lower at 22nd, in a recent Internet broadband survey conducted by Harvard University.

Google announced it’s own plan to offer a fiber-optic connection that will offer 1Gbps to consumers; Canadian restrictions prevent Google from offering a similar service in Canada.

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