Canadian Surface prices set to drop to match US rates

If you live in Canada and are planning to buy a Surface, you may have noticed that the prices of the Surface RT has been higher than that of the prices in the US despite the fact that the exchange rate has been near 1:1 for some time.

We have been tipped that new pricing is inbound for Canadian citizens who wish to purchase a Surface RT. The RT models will be dropping 20 Canadian dollars apiece and the Touch/Type covers will also be dropping $10 Canadian dollars and the Pro pricing should match that of the US as well.

While not a huge drop in price, this should appease those who live in the great north as the prices will be more closely aligned to their US counterparts. We don’t have exact details on when the new pricing will go in into effect; it’s likely that this may occur when the Pro goes on sale this weekend but we are told it will be happening very soon.

Keep your eyes open if you are planning on buying a Surface because you may be able to save a little bit of scratch on your next purchase.

Thanks for the tip anon!

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