Canalys: Windows Phone to grow 400% in the next 4 years

Microsoft’s bold bet on Windows Phone is starting to gain solid traction in the marketplace, and a new report suggests the platform will see serious growth in the next four years. While the transition from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone has had its share of ups and downs, technology analytic firm Canalys highlights that they believe Windows Phone will grow substantially over the next four years.

The growth will come from additional vendors stepping up and seriously pursuing Windows Phone to the likes of Nokia, the firm believes. The Finnish phone maker has shown that Windows Phone is a versatile platform and scales incredibly well, which is allowing Nokia to enter the low-end smartphone market with high quality devices. Because Windows Phone can move into this territory so easily, Canalys believes this will drive adoption of the platform and solidify Microsoft as the third platform on the market.

During this same period, Canalys believes that Android will continue to grow to top 1 billion smartphone shipments in 2017 and Apple will see a decline in market share from 19.5 to 14.1 percent of the market.

Of course, this information is a projection and anything could change over the next four years, including Apple becoming highly aggressive in the emerging market segment that could dampen Microsoft’s growth too.

Only time will tell if this report pans out, but it would seem that Canalys is bullish on Windows Phone at the moment, and for a company who is about to undergo a reorganization, that can only mean good things from the Windows Phone camp.

Source: Canalys

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