Capcom announces two new classic game collections (Xbox)

At it's recent Gamer's Day, Capcom announced that it will release two new collections of classic games for console systems: Mega Man X Collection and Capcom Classics Collection. These two titles come after the success of the PS2 and GameCube's Mega Man Anniversary Collection and the same game's upcoming release on Xbox.

Mega Man X Collection brings together the first six Mega Man X titles on one handy disc. The first three X games first appeared on SNES, X4 on PlayStation and Saturn, and X5 and X6 on PlayStation. Although the quality of the last two titles is somewhat dubious (OK, X6 sucked), the remaining four titles were quite good and should please fans of the Blue Bomber's futuristic adventures.

The biggest treat for Mega Man fans, however, comes in the form of X Collection's seventh title -- the previously unreleased in America Mega Man Battle & Chase. Although not part of the X series (it features characters from the original series), this polygonal kart racing game was originally supposed to be released on PlayStation until Sony rejected it at the last minute. Capcom had even run magazine ads for the game before it was cancelled. An English version of Battle & Chase was released in Europe, however.

News source: GameSpy

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