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CAS, Intel Co-Develop IA-64 Compiler

Thanks Matrix Man for sending this in!

The Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Intel Corp. recently announced the production of a new research compiler that might be used in Intel's next-generation mainstream chips.

The compiler, known as the Code Resource-Open IA-64 Compiler, represents the first major technological cooperation between a Chinese research group and Intel.

According to Patrick P. Gelsinger, vice president of Intel, the product will help give Intel a technological leap forward in microprocessor architecture. He believes that the product will have a far-reaching influence on China's central processing unit development program.

Wu Chengyong, head of the compiler development project with CAS, agreed that the system will help in the development of a Chinese-made CPU.

Intel selected the CAS as a partner to develop the compiler for the next-generation chip in 2001. As China's first and most influential computer technology research organization, CAS has been developing its own CPU products.

News source: machIT.com

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