Case modder smuggles PC on board Millennium Falcon

Weve seen some bizarre PC case modifications in our time, but this one takes the cake. One Russ Caslis has build a PC into the Millennium Falcon.

Yes, Han Solos famous smuggling vessel - "Youve never heard of the Millennium Falcon?" "Should I have?" "Its the ship the made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs..." - now comes equipped with 7GB of hard disk storage, USB ports, PS/2 ports, network adaptor, 800MHz Via C3 processor, 256MB of 133MHz SDRAM memory and the works. Alas theres no CD or floppy, but who needs diskettes when youre outrunning Imperial cruisers?

The version of the Star Wars space ship in question is one put out by toy manufacturer Kenner (Palitoy in the UK) in the late 1970s to go with its 3in figure range. Russ says he found a cheap ($50) but discoloured unit in eBay.

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News source: The Register

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