CES 2012 Intel Press Conference - Completed

Neowin Live - This event has concluded

16:32 Owen Williams Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
16:32 Owen Williams We're just waiting in the hallway... with everyone else
16:37 Dave Legg Queue outside the Intel press conference
16:38 Owen Williams Nice and cosy in here, thats for sure.
16:40 Owen Williams OK, going in. Be right back...
16:45 Brad Sams we are now seated
16:46 Brad Sams Owen is taking some pictures, will post sonn
16:46 Brad Sams lots of Ultabooks to be seen here
16:47 Owen Williams Ultrabooks everywhere here...
16:47 Brad Sams Owen is uploading pics of the books
16:48 Owen Williams Video starting... talking about Android...
16:51 Owen Williams Intel branded ultrabook anyone?
16:52 Brad Sams Telling everyone to take a seat, show will begin soon
16:52 Brad Sams The image below looks like a convertible tablet with keyboard
16:56 Brad Sams lights just dimmed, starting now
16:57 Brad Sams Justin lively on stage
16:57 Brad Sams "Intel loves to talk about evo of computers"
16:57 Brad Sams ha, evolution of dance guy is on stage
16:57 Brad Sams he is doing the entire routine
16:58 Brad Sams breaking down some MC hammer as we speak
16:59 Brad Sams Owen is uploading a picture, of it
17:00 Brad Sams They are calling this the ultabook press conference
17:00 Brad Sams 1 billion transistors on a chip
17:01 Brad Sams he is running through a lot of stats that "he will not be talking about" in an ironic way
17:01 Brad Sams talking about small form factors, obviously ultra books
17:02 Brad Sams The presention will be dedicated to "user experience"
17:02 Brad Sams ODM and OEM are building the intel ecosystem
17:02 Brad Sams first question intel asked, "what do people really want to do with their PC"?
17:03 Brad Sams just dropped a corney joke...big miss
17:04 Brad Sams wanted ultrabooks to be unwired, no need to wait, at a price that works, peace of mind
17:04 Brad Sams "People do not want to wait for PC, they want the PC to wait for the user"
17:05 Brad Sams "Always on always connected, battery life should not be even thought about"
17:05 Brad Sams People dont want to think about their device, it just works, and if it breaks, someone else should be at fault, not the user
17:06 Brad Sams Price is key for the ultrabook market, average consumer prices, exceptional products
17:06 Brad Sams want tro drop the ultrabook market below $999 price point
17:06 Brad Sams Look at new idea pad for lenovo on stage
17:06 Brad Sams brand new device, picture uploading now
17:07 Brad Sams Showing off arc soft Album software of pics from pac-asia
17:08 Owen Williams They're talking about Intel "turbo" technology - giving a boost to a CPU when it needs it.
17:08 Brad Sams They created a photo album automatically, from pics selected...nothing really spectacular
17:09 Brad Sams It took 100 photos, that were 3 MB each and created a photo album that was less than 3 MB total
17:09 Brad Sams Moving on to new graphics enign performance
17:09 Brad Sams showing a demo of traning crossing bridge
17:09 Brad Sams train crossing bridge*
17:10 Brad Sams Basic demo, a lot of objects on the screen (bridge, train,) being blown up and each piece is calculated independently
17:11 Brad Sams Showing another demo of creature on the screen (a troll)
17:12 Brad Sams Showing the power of the CPU in the new ultrabooks to affirm that they are not cheap, or slow cpus
17:12 Brad Sams Intel is trolling us, literally
17:13 Brad Sams Ivy bridge supports DX11
17:13 Brad Sams Big news dx 11, running on ultrabooks, gaming looks rather good for an ultra book
17:14 Brad Sams Switching things up, to identity theft
17:14 Owen Williams He wasn't even driving on that demo... ha
17:15 Brad Sams Ultrabooks comes with intel built in security software to help enhance online purchases.
17:15 Brad Sams Ultrabooks can have NFC onboard!
17:15 Owen Williams It's Mastercard paypass ON A LAPTOP
17:16 Brad Sams basic idea, tap your card on the laptop, and it makes the payment online
17:17 Brad Sams Card will only work with your laptop (or registered pc)
17:17 Brad Sams Moving on to being thin
17:17 Brad Sams Wow is not a technology word, it is a consumer word
17:18 Brad Sams 18mm is only the beginning for thinness
17:18 Brad Sams Talking about how they slimmed down each component to achieve the smaller size
17:18 Owen Williams No socket for processors to save size
17:19 Brad Sams Basic idea, ultrabooks are a modern technology masterpiece.
17:19 Brad Sams All ultrabooks are 18mm or below...and they will get thinner
17:20 Brad Sams Intel touting how they chunked $300m to get ultrabooks off the ground
17:20 Brad Sams this fund was key to keep the marketprice low, prices should continue to drop.
17:21 Brad Sams Walking thru all the laptops
17:21 Brad Sams So what';s next...thats the next topic
17:22 Brad Sams previously there was not enough computing power to do many things mainstream
17:22 Owen Williams They're mocking DOS...but have Windows command prompt on the screen
17:23 Brad Sams "Touch skipped the notebook market"
17:23 Brad Sams So touch will not be skipping ultra books
17:23 Brad Sams Ultrabooks with touch coming! No sacrifices
17:24 Brad Sams Intel did market research, consumers loved ultrabooks with touch
17:24 Brad Sams Windows 8, ultrabook touch screen, could be huge!
17:25 Brad Sams Showing off windows 8 with notbook
17:25 Brad Sams Boo, teased windos 8 images, but now showing windows 7
17:26 Brad Sams Showing the demo, flicking back and forth between images, and other navigation techniques
17:27 Brad Sams Showing off the sensors in the ultrabooks, has built in gyroscope
17:27 Brad Sams Showing new form factor, that converts to thin tablet with keyboard
17:28 Brad Sams they call them sliders or convertibles, not entirely new but relatively thin
17:28 Brad Sams These sliders will be huge with Windows 8,
17:28 Brad Sams Touting Windows 8 machine now, clamshow with windows 8
17:29 Brad Sams looks brilliant
17:30 Brad Sams Ultrabook with keyboard, transperent touchpad, on backside of ultrbook you can see through the touchpad to see data
17:30 Brad Sams They have a working prototype!
17:30 Brad Sams Running windows 8, owen is getting photos
17:30 Brad Sams Touchpad does not pick up your palm, only fingers, simple but huge innovation
17:31 Brad Sams Inel has a patent on it too
17:31 Brad Sams Windows 8 in this form factor looks awesome, this is huge folks
17:32 Brad Sams This is a fully working prototype, this looks exciting
17:32 Brad Sams No longer open and go, but now close and go
17:33 Brad Sams Intel making strategic partnerhip with Nuance
17:33 Brad Sams This is interesting as Nuance was bought by Apple?
17:33 Brad Sams Nuance will help Intel use speech with Unltrabooks
17:34 Brad Sams Native speech recognition on the ultrabooks, no cloud involved (aka no Siri)
17:35 Brad Sams Accents are no issue for the speech recognition.
17:35 Brad Sams The speech technology will support 9 languages.
17:36 Brad Sams The idea is to speak to your computer in English and have it convert on the fly to Mandarin
17:36 Brad Sams The key is the cpu power is just about there, coming soon.
17:37 Brad Sams Recapping all the UI, Voice, cpu power but there is more.
17:37 Brad Sams Taking a look into Intels R&D lab
17:38 Brad Sams Showing kinect like interaction with Ultra book
17:38 Brad Sams This is quite nice, no need to touch the pc to intereact with it
17:39 Brad Sams "Where are we today"?
17:39 Brad Sams 75 designs in the pipeline
17:39 Brad Sams Ultrabooks at largers isze are in demand too
17:40 Brad Sams 28% say they would not move to UB unless they have a bigger screen...14in and 15in models coming soon
17:40 Brad Sams This comes with partnerships and affordable price points
17:41 Brad Sams Taking about digital marketing...boring stuff
17:43 Brad Sams People dont buy cpus, they buy experiences,
17:43 Brad Sams Surprise, Intel will be marketing ultrabooks in 2012
17:45 Brad Sams More marketing jab, how they are using social media, etc
17:45 Brad Sams Showing a toshiba and intel promo video
17:46 Brad Sams its the "Ive been framed video series"
17:48 Brad Sams "It's not a computer, it's an ultrabook"
17:49 Brad Sams Intel is running over time, CEA doesn't like that!
17:51 Brad Sams SHowing more demo videos, "what was once impossible, now practicle"
17:52 Brad Sams Showing an Intel advert for Ultrabooks
17:55 Brad Sams Intel has another keynote tomorow where they will make more announcements.
17:55 Brad Sams Last minute, showing Kinect on the PC!
17:55 Brad Sams Using Kinect to interact with Intel promo material
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