CES 2012 Netgear Press Conference - Completed

We'll be live blogging the Netgear press conference starting at 1pm EST (10am PST). Please stay tuned, and until then check out the below images which we suspect will be the new products announced.

Neowin Live - This event has concluded

17:32 Christopher White Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
17:32 Christopher White The press conference will start in roughly 30 minutes.
17:46 Christopher White We will be starting in 15 minutes.
17:53 Doug Bemis
18:03 Christopher White We should be starting shortly.
18:08 Christopher White And we're starting.
18:09 Christopher White Dave Henry, VP of product management for Netgear.
18:09 Christopher White 2011 was an amazing, although challenging, year. Over 75 products were launched in 2011.
18:09 Christopher White #1 in US, Europe, and Austrailia. Over $1B in revenue.
18:09 Christopher White 8 new products announced at CES -- 3 of which are Innovation award winners.
18:10 Christopher White NETGEAR Smart Network - the network of the future
18:10 Christopher White Is the PC dead?
18:11 Christopher White Some say yes, some say it's simply evolving. Doesn't matter though because hte number of devices on the network is changing and posing new challenges.
18:11 Christopher White Multiple gaming consoles, phones, tablets, home theater, TV.
18:11 Christopher White Not uncommon in today's landscape.
18:11 Christopher White The number of homes wit hmore than six devices connected to the internet grew 70% from 2010 to 2011.
18:12 Christopher White Over 50% of internet traffic in the home is "real time entertainment" (streaming video, online games, music, etc)
18:12 Christopher White And the devices that do this is usually something other than a PC.
18:12 Doug Bemis
18:13 Christopher White Not only do we need fast networks, we need more - Complete Conectivity:
18:13 Christopher White ) Consistant and reliable in all places in the home
18:13 Christopher White 2) Fast and high performance
18:13 Christopher White 3) Easy to use
18:14 Christopher White How do you extend the connection to avoid wifi dead spots in your house?
18:14 Christopher White Universal Dual Band WiFi range extender from Netgear.
18:14 Christopher White Announced here at CES.
18:15 Christopher White Plug in the device halfway between the dead spot and the main wireless router, then press a button.
18:15 Doug Bemis
18:15 Christopher White Works with both 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi bands simultaneously.
18:15 Christopher White FastLane technology - maintain best speeds everywhere. Also has 4 ethernet ports.
18:16 Christopher White Sounds pretty nice and easy - just like the ypromised.
18:16 Christopher White No stated price though.
18:17 Christopher White Worried about dat aloss? Look at the Media Storage Router from Netgear. Connect. Store. Stream
18:17 Christopher White Supports Apple Time Machine and Windows backup. 2TB storage, DLNA enabled, and ReadyShare Cloud access.
18:17 Christopher White Backs up all of your PCs and Macs automatically.
18:18 Christopher White N900 dual band 2.4 and 5 Ghz, 2 USB 3.0 ports, firewall security
18:18 Christopher White Also lets you tunnel in to view files both inside and outside of the house.
18:18 Doug Bemis
18:18 Doug Bemis
18:18 Christopher White Basically it sounds like Windows Home Server that backs up Macs as well - kinda nice.
18:19 Christopher White Complete Connectivity for your Home Theater
18:20 Christopher White NeoTV streaming player - turns the TV you already have into a "Smart TV" so you can stream content.
18:20 Christopher White Sounds like their answer for Roku.
18:20 Christopher White But they're taking NeoTV and moving it forward. Even more rich content - Hulu+, available today.
18:20 Christopher White You can control the NeoTV wit ha smartphone app - that's something Roku doesn't do. Kinda cool.
18:20 Doug Bemis
18:20 Doug Bemis
18:21 Christopher White Announcing today thatwill also have Intel Wireless Display (Intel WiDi).
18:21 Christopher White You can project your laptop screen directly onto your TV in full 1080p with the NeoTV box. Kinda cool.
18:21 Christopher White N900 Video and Gaming 4-port WiFi adapter.
18:22 Christopher White Gives better wireless connectivity to your TV
18:22 Christopher White Dual band, up to 450mbps
18:23 Christopher White In addition, Powerline 500 Nano for ethernet over power line.
18:23 Christopher White For those who don't want to go wireless. Up to 500mbps!
18:23 Christopher White Plug one end by the theater, the other by your source, and you'r edone. And the device is tiny.
18:24 Christopher White Netgear Genie -- a deskto papplication that runs on your Mac/PC and monitors, controls, and manages your network automatically.
18:24 Christopher White This was released last year.
18:24 Christopher White The Netgear genie app is now a mobile app.
18:24 Christopher White Second CES innovation award winner for 2012.
18:24 Christopher White App gives you control to parental controls, traffic meter, guest access, media, and more.
18:25 Christopher White Guest access gives people access only to the internet - for when visitors need access but you don't want them snooping your network. I wonder how well that works.
18:25 Christopher White Can kick people off of the network easily as well - highlight them, click "turn off" and done. :)
18:26 Christopher White The "My Media" function turns the phone into a remote control. Access all DLNA shares around your home network.
18:26 Christopher White Streams all data instantly to the TV - NOT on the phone. Similar to Toshiba's tablet app they were showing last night.
18:27 Doug Bemis
18:27 Christopher White I take that back -- he just said you CAN stream content to the phone/tablet.
18:27 Doug Bemis
18:27 Christopher White Available for iOS and Android. Ok, that's pretty cool.
18:27 Doug Bemis
18:27 Christopher White Can also turn any USB printer into an AirPrint printer.
18:28 Christopher White 802.11ac
18:28 Christopher White Wireless speeds up to 1.35Gbps,
18:28 Christopher White 802.11n is only 450Mbps
18:28 Christopher White WiFi future - 80111ac products wlil be available THIS year.
18:29 Christopher White Powerline getting faster too -- Homeplug 82 bringing powerline speeds over 1 Gbps -- Netgear will bring these to market when they're available (not yet).
18:29 Christopher White "Complete Connectivity Gets Smarter"
18:29 Christopher White The Smart Network
18:30 Christopher White Making apps for the network routers to improve and enhance the experience of all of hte devices on the network.
18:30 Christopher White Three components -- smart devices (network devices, media players, etc), intelligent cloud app server, and an open app development platform.
18:30 Christopher White This gives developers the ability to write apps that run on Netgear Smart Network.
18:30 Christopher White Login to the smart network and see all smart devices (Router N900 and ReadyNAS Pro 6, for example)
18:31 Christopher White Click on apps and you can see all of the apps. In this example, we see ReadySHARE printer, cloud, and home monitoring.
18:31 Christopher White I'm on the video. :)
18:31 Christopher White Also recommends apps for you -- broadcband usage meter, for example.
18:32 Christopher White Gives realtime visibility of bandwidth consumed and how much you have left.
18:32 Christopher White Extend the value of the ntwork gear.
18:32 Christopher White http://www.netgear.com/smartnetwork -- get more information today.
18:32 Doug Bemis
18:32 Doug Bemis
18:32 Doug Bemis
18:33 Doug Bemis
18:33 Christopher White N900 Video and gaming dual band WiFi adapter - $79.99, available summer 2012
18:33 Christopher White Storage router, available Summer 2012
18:33 Christopher White Powerline Nano 500 - Price $119.99, Available Q1 2012
18:33 Christopher White dual band WiFi USB adapter, Price $59.99, available q1 2012
18:34 Doug Bemis
18:35 Doug Bemis
18:36 Christopher White And that ends the Netgear press conference. Thanks for watching and let us know if you have any questions!
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