CES 2012 NVIDIA Press Conference - Updated

NVIDIA will be giving their press conference at CES 2012 and we will be covering it live with photos and commentary. Will a new Tegra processor be announced? Advanced 3D gaming? Follow us to find out!


Neowin Live - This event has concluded

23:48 Christopher White Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
23:48 Christopher White The press conference will begin in around 10 minutes.
23:50 Doug Bemis
00:02 Christopher White Cofounder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang
00:02 Christopher White Going to talk about tablets.
00:02 Christopher White Another surprise feature of Tegra 3.
00:02 Christopher White Tablets are the fastest growing consumer device.
00:03 Christopher White In history.
00:03 Christopher White Touch technology is the key.
00:03 Christopher White 20 million tablets sold in the first year.
00:03 Christopher White 60 million sold in the second year.
00:04 Christopher White 2nd year, nearly 40% of tablets were iPads.
00:05 Christopher White Toyota Corolla is the highest selling car, and the Ford F150 is the highest selling truck, but we all don't drive a Corolla or F150.
00:05 Christopher White It's all about choice.
00:06 Christopher White The tablet market is the same way.
00:06 Christopher White Some want mobile - want a phone. Some people want tablet with a keyboard, some want a folio that can be put into a purse.
00:07 Doug Bemis A single platform. Ice Cream Sandwich.
00:08 Doug Bemis Unifies all Android devices into a single platform -- easier said than done, ut it's a good thing to try.
00:08 Doug Bemis 250M Android devices, growing at 700k activations per day. Crazy growth!
00:09 Doug Bemis That growth will drive application developers.
00:09 Doug Bemis It will no longer be ANdroid phones and Android talets, it will be simply an Android device.
00:10 Doug Bemis Showcasing ICS -- looks silky smooth at 60fps
00:10 Doug Bemis Live demo of the Asus Transformer
00:11 Doug Bemis Folders look nice.
00:11 Doug Bemis Roughly 14k apps released per day.
00:11 Doug Bemis Fandango demo. Showing TinTin (rendered with NVIDIA technology)
00:13 Doug Bemis Snapseed - one of the top apps ever made for moile devices. Lots of people use them on the iPad, but available on Android as well.
00:13 Doug Bemis Manuel Wille demoing the app - he wrote it.
00:14 Doug Bemis Wanted to create an app that can e used by anyone, anytime.
00:15 Doug Bemis The graphical effects were displayed instantly. The NVIDIA chip is doing the processing.
00:17 Doug Bemis Showing a nice demo where using "You Touch" lets you change brighness of only part of the image. Impressive.
00:18 Doug Bemis What's next ijn mobile photography technology? This is only a a starting spot and the Tegra 3 helps the moile devices handle all of this. Nothing really predicted for the future yet, but we're still learning what can be done.
00:18 Doug Bemis Video games are the leading category of mobile devices.
00:19 Doug Bemis Created a store within the Android Marketplace that brings only the games optimized for your device to you.
00:20 Doug Bemis Riptide GP availale on the tablet.
00:21 Doug Bemis Graphics look impressive and are at 60fps Game was previously only available on the PS3.
00:21 Doug Bemis Graphics look impressive and are at 60fps.
00:22 Doug Bemis One of the largest genres of games are first person shooters (FPS) in a multiplayer setting.
00:22 Doug Bemis Never been done before - but today we're going to see Shadowgun on the tablet.
00:22 Doug Bemis Played multiplayer.
00:22 Doug Bemis And with an Xbox controller on the tablet.
00:23 Doug Bemis Overall it looks very impressive - oth graphics, framerate, and the fact that it's multiplayer. Impressive.!
00:24 Doug Bemis The est FPS player in the world is in the audience - Fatility.
00:25 Doug Bemis He brings home 7 figures a year. lol
00:26 Doug Bemis Splashtop THD demo coming up now.
00:26 Doug Bemis Another top iPad app -- over 5 million apps sold.
00:26 Doug Bemis Allows iPads to remote into a PC.
00:27 Doug Bemis The fidelity is low when you do that you get choppy graphics and not great response time. I have a feeling the Tegra is going to change all of that...
00:27 Doug Bemis He just connected to his PC (containing a GeForce GPU) from his talet.
00:28 Doug Bemis The demo is not going well... He clicked and nothing happened... :(
00:28 Doug Bemis Just crashed. Let's try i again!
00:28 Doug Bemis "If it worked perfectly, it wouldn't be a demo."
00:29 Doug Bemis Now we're getting better progress. Playing Saturday Night Fever, and now Justin Timberlake, from the PC through the tablet.
00:29 Doug Bemis And is now viewing a vidio while listening to music.
00:30 Doug Bemis Looks great now that it's working!
00:31 Doug Bemis But what if we take a game that JUST came out a few days ago? Can we play that using the app?
00:31 Doug Bemis Skyrim on the tablet!
00:32 Doug Bemis The game is running now.
00:33 Doug Bemis Wow. ig dragon attacking the hero. Graphics look great. Looks very responsive.
00:34 Doug Bemis The PC renders the graphics, compresses, streams to the tablet, the tablet becomes the controller and it's working great. Playing games from the PC on the tablet is a reality (according to the demo - have any of our readers tried this?)
00:34 Doug Bemis Asus Transformer Prime.
00:35 Doug Bemis NVIDIA is the first to ring a dual core proc to a tablet and a quad core...
00:36 Doug Bemis ICS will be available to the Transformer Prime starting TODAY!;
00:36 Doug Bemis First ICS talet.
00:42 Doug Bemis 7" Transform for $249, Tegra 3, 5 cores, integrated camera
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:43 Doug Bemis
00:44 Doug Bemis The Tegra 3 has a "ninja core" -- a 5th core that uses very little power.
00:44 Doug Bemis Anyone interested in a $249 7" Transformer Prime tablet?
00:45 Doug Bemis PRISM Display Technology - dynamically adjust the backlight and adjust the color at the same time. This helps battery life.
00:46 Doug Bemis Today a new technology -- DirectTouch Topology -- instead of regular touch, the "ninja core" runs at a few hundred megahertz but can detect your screen touch MUCH faster than current tablets.
00:47 Doug Bemis As an example - 10 touches on the screen and the samples/sec go down. With the new DirectTouch technology, the samples stay in the 200 range. Impressive - it's how they get fast framerates.
00:47 Doug Bemis Windows 8 announcement coming up!
00:48 Doug Bemis Tegra 3 running internal development version of Windows 8.
00:49 Doug Bemis The lock screen is showing what's important at a glance. Connected Standby uses Teene.gra's low power standby mode but can keep updating things behind the sc
00:49 Doug Bemis We're now seeing the Metro interface on the tABLET.
00:50 Doug Bemis Consumers didn't like the limitations of the netbook. How do we prevent the repeat of that on the tablet with Win8?
00:50 Doug Bemis In Windows 8, you get apps from the Windows Store.
00:51 Doug Bemis Enterprises can take the tablets and load the apps how they want to without the store (no specific details --- but they CLAIM we can run SAP. I'm skeptical)
00:52 Doug Bemis Windows Store will launch in 200 markets at once.
00:53 Doug Bemis Devs can use whatever model they want - they can get up to 80% of the revenue for themselves. Vague.
00:53 Doug Bemis Windows Runtime - written in HTML5 and JS. Showing an RSS feed of cars.
00:53 Doug Bemis You can also use C or C++.
00:54 Doug Bemis ICS adn Windows 8 - interesting that we see both talked about here.
00:55 Doug Bemis Now a new consumer market - the car indust.ry
00:55 Doug Bemis Two years ago, Audi introduced the "connectred car" - search, browse, use Google Earth. The entire web available in the car.
00:55 Doug Bemis The Audi A7 has won many awards due to its connected capabilities.
00:56 Doug Bemis In a few days, NVIDIA will make another announcement with Audi - stay tuned!
00:56 Doug Bemis Tesla model S will have two Tegra chips - one for the dashboard, one for the entertainment.
00:56 Doug Bemis "From Super Phones to Super Cars" -- and NVIDIA will be powering it all.
00:57 Doug Bemis Stay tuned for pictures and video later today.
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