CES 2017: Need some smart sex toys to track your orgasms? OhMiBod has you covered

We've all had that moment. You're walking through your local sex toy shop and you see something that piques your interest, only to learn that it doesn't have any kind of CPU or Bluetooth radio inside of it, immediately moving it from the 'that looks fantastic' category to the 'only a savage would use that' category.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing OhMiBod, which was showing off its line of smart sex toys and introducing a new SDK at CES 2017.

One of the items is the Lovelife Krush. Kegel exercises are something that women can do to work on their PC muscle, which can become stretched after giving birth. According to OhMiBod, many women do these exercises improperly, so there's clearly room for technology here.

Lovelife Krush

The Lovelife Krush costs $149 and like all of the company's other products, you can purchase it from its website.

Another one that OhMiBod was showing off was the Lovelife Please. Basically, it's a wearable vibrator that can be controlled by your - or your partner's - smartphone. The app even includes a dashboard to track your orgasms. After all, it's so 2016 to use a power button on your vibrator, and besides, sex toys are pretty much useless if you don't have a historical record of your orgasms.

Lovelife Please

But those are just two of a whole suite of sex toys that the company offers. Check out the gallery below for more of what OhMiBod had on display, or if you're interested, check out its website.

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