CES 2019: LG's booth has everything from OLED Falls to new gram laptops

LG's booth is one that I always make certain to visit at CES. Two years ago, it had the OLED Tunnel, and last year there was the OLED Canyon. This year, there's OLED Falls, a wall of OLED TVs as soon as you enter the booth.

Of course, that's just when you enter the booth. There's quite a bit more. LG introduced rollable OLED TVs at CES, which are pretty cool. The TVs roll up into a box when you're done watching them.

CES is big for entertainment for LG, so naturally, there were also soundbars, speakers, and stuff like that. Check out the booth tour below.

LG also introduced some new gram laptops, which are known for being incredibly light. The new entries are a new 17-inch clamshell and a 14-inch convertible. Both of them are pretty remarkable, and they're the lightest in their class.

For example, the 14-inch gram convertible weighs in at just over two and a half pounds. That wouldn't be the lightest 14-inch PC - there's the 14-inch gram clamshell for that - but it's definitely the lightest 14-inch convertible I've ever seen.

What amazes me is that these machines don't seem to make any compromises. They have clickable trackpads, a fingerprint sensor in the power button, USB Type-A ports, and more. These are all things that tend to be cut in thinner and lighter devices.

Check out the hands on video below:

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