CES 2019: Taking a look at Samsung's Digital Cockpit; its vision of driving in the future

Samsung and Harmon have been hard at work on its Digital Cockpit. This year, during CES 2019, it showed off new enhancements, which we were able to take a look at.

Over the past few years, vehicle owners have been treated to nicer amenities when it comes to the cabin space. While entertainment is always on one's mind, safety is also a concern, and there can never be enough safety features in something you pilot daily.

For Samsung and Harmon's vision of the future, a vehicle will have six displays, with some showing vital information like speedometer and vitals of the car, while others will be used for entertainment and act as a console for controlling some of the cabin's features. In the demo present at CES, there are two cameras replacing traditional side mirrors, with a constant video feed showing up on the interior displays. According to Samsung, this will allow for better viewing in more challenging environments when compared to standard mirrors.

The car will also make use of its 'Occupant Monitoring System' that will automatically detect its passengers and set the interior accordingly to that user's preferences and settings. As you might expect, the system has cameras all around, so it can perform a variety of different kinds of monitoring, like surveying road conditions and also the driver.

Of course, as impressive as this all was, speaking with a Samsung representative, they did clarify that this was just a concept and there wasn't a timeline of when this will actually be available in vehicles.

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