CES2010: Sony introduces 3D TVs, ESPN 3D, new cameras

The Sony press event was held this evening at CES. As with other television manufactures, the primary focus was placed on the upcoming 3D models of Sony's latest LED TVs. Sony will be launching these televisions later this year. A variety of sizes will be available including a 55 and 60 inch model. As with other 3D TVs, special 3D glasses are required in order to view 3D content.

In order to provide viewers with a steady steam of 3D content, Sony has partnered with ESPN to create the ESPN 3D network, expected to launch later this year. A multitude of sporting events and news will be broadcast in a 3D format. Sony has also partnered with IMAX and RealD to maintain a steady stream of 3D content for the future.

Additional products, including a completely revamped video recorder and camera line up were also introduced, focusing on social networking and easy media transferring from one device to another. A user simply connects to another device, wirelessly, to exchange photos or videos. The technology, called TransferJet requires the devices to be within close proximity to each other. Bloggie, a new HD video camera, was created to easily allow uploads to Facebook and YouTube. It's compact size and extended battery life provide a mobile solution without having to worry about inefficient battery life or bulky storage issues.

Sony also introduced Dash, a 7 inch touch screen device, designed to access 1000 free internet applications, including news, weather, social networking sites, and calendars. Dash requires a wireless internet connection, and does not have an independent 3G connection.

Finally, the Playstation Network framework will now be expanded to other devices, allowing TV's and Bluray players to download movies, trailers, 3D media, and other various content. 3D Bluray support will be added to the PS3 via a firmware update later this year.

The new Sony Dash

TransferJet, exchanging pictures between two cameras

Bloggie, the compact mobile HD video camera

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