Change of heart? MS reveals source code

Thanks prasanth for this. Microsoft, long a proponent of keeping source code secret, plans to publish the source code to a critical part of its Palladium project to enhance security, a representative of the software giant said Monday.

The component--some thousands of lines of source code--is the basic foundation of the security proposed in Microsoft's project and, as such, is the linchpin for the software giant's trusted-computing platform.

"We will be publishing the source code because people will need to trust this," said Mario Juarez, group product manager for the Palladium project at Microsoft. "To get people to believe in what is happening in that little piece of code is critical."

On Monday, Microsoft took the wraps off its project, code-named Palladium, to design new hardware and software that could better guarantee the security of user data and let companies control data that they "own" while on a consumer's PC.

However, as part of the public push for acceptance of its technology, Microsoft plans to release the source code to the guts of the software component, called the "secure processing environment."

News source: ZDNet News - Change of heart? MS reveals source code

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