CherryOS Opens Up Code to Doubters

CherryOS, the Mac emulator for Windows that has been dogged by controversy, is to be released as an open-source project on May 1, according to its creator. Jim Kartes, president of Maui X-Stream Inc., confirmed to that the company will release the product under an open-source license on May 1 after a "hiatus" that has seen the product unavailable for several weeks.

According to Kartes, the company "will be charging $14.95 to cover our cost of development and continuing development as well as other costs related to the marketing of the product. Whatever the buyer does with the code is their business as long as they don't embed it into another commercial product." Although the company's Web site describes the release as "open source," Maui X-Stream is using its own license, rather than existing alternatives such as the BSD or Gnu licenses.

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News source: eWeek

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