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China begins crackdown on sexy text messaging

A report that emerged yesterday from China Daily claims that central China mobile phone users could face detention for sending erotic texts as the government tries to combat "unwanted and inappropriate text messages". One text message will be worth five days in prison, whereas three text messages will get you ten days in prison and a fine of 500 yuan.

The news comes after a Communist Party in the province of Henan held 480 meetings on tackling the issue, causing a stir among the population, with one blogger named Han Haoyue stating "It's not necessary to hold 480 meetings on this. This is an enormous waste of administrative resources."

Not everyone is so reluctant towards the idea, however. Plans have been put into motion for similar schemes in other provinces, with offenders in the county of Shenze facing an "unspecified punishment", with the worst offenders being named and shamed in the local media. "I'm totally for the rules. It's uncomfortable to get dirty text messages from male friends and even more gross when they are from strangers," Zhang Kai, 26, was quoted as saying, "but I'll take them as jokes and reply if they are from my female friends"

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