Chinese cyber-dissident to not face formal indictment

Chinese authorities said they will not formally indict a 23-year-old cyber-dissident who was recently released from a year in detention, a Hong Kong-based human rights group said.

Liu Di, better known under her online name of "Stainless Steel Mouse," went to the Beijing prosecutor's office to receive the news earlier in the day, the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said.

The prosecutors told the psychology student that she would not face legal consequences because her crime was considered "light," according to the center.

Also informed Thursday they would not face indictments were recently-released dissidents Li Yibin, 29, and Wu Yiran, 34, the center said.

Liu was arrested in November 2002 ahead of a key leadership transition headed by President Hu Jintao.

Her crime appeared to be several articles that she posted on Chinese Internet sites satirizing the government and the Communist Party's alleged refusal to protect the freedoms of speech and the press.

She was freed late last month after the Beijing prosecutors had returned the case to police for further investigation, indicating they felt there was not enough evidence in the case.

During her year-long arrest, Liu was celebrated widely in China's Internet chatrooms.

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