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Chris Cao Talks EverQuest II (PC)

The crew over at GameSpy has put together a great interview with Lead Designer Chris Cao about EverQuest II. With EverQuest the original being such a success. EverQuest II is expected to surpass the original by bringing in new features, and a better plotline. Already EverQuest II looks like a winner.

GameSpy: In a lot of ways, EverQuest II is trying to bring down the focus of the game to emphasize small groups of players as opposed to huge guilds. What was the thinking behind doing this?

Chris Cao: The focus on the six-member group is the core distinction between EverQuest II and the original. EverQuest already supplies players with large-scale encounters meant for numerous players. As a parallel product, EverQuest II seeks to offer play on a smaller, more intimate scale. We want the actions, skills, and personality of each group member to matter. Smaller group and raid sizes do just that.

News source: GameSpy

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