Chris Vrenna Talks Doom 3

Noted composer/musician discusses creating the theme song and ambient texturing in the game.

Within the realms of video game music the name Chris Vrenna is spoken with a certain amount of reverence. But then that's to be expected considering his pedigree.

Vrenna rose to fame (and to a certain extent infamy) as one of the founding members of Nine Inch Nails. Since his departure from NIN, he's carved out a well-respected niche as a producer and remixer, working with a wide variety of top name talent ranging from U2 to P.O.D. and Xzibit. The man has also released two solo/group albums under the moniker Tweaker, the project drawing all manner of interesting collaborations from the likes of Will Oldham, David Slyvian, Robert Smith, and Johnny Marr.

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