Christmas brings memory market to a halt

Yeah, I doubt many people would be out buying memory on Christmas day...

With the distraction, that is Christmas upon us, floggers of memory chips are shutting up shop as the markets grind to a halt.

DRAMeXchange reports very low volume on DDR transactions on the spot market this week. The major transactions have been going on between traders and distributors, the site reports. Asian, middle east and Africa markets are still open for some sparse trading while most US and European markets are shut down for holiday.

The festive snapshot show the price of DDR RAM continuing to fall as the memory type becomes pervasive. And since manufacturers have switched wholesale to DDR, the price of a slice of single data rate memory is still on the up, for those that need to get gold of memory in that format.

Spot price movements show DDR down, SDR up, while contract prices have changed very little.

The speculation is that the price of DDR will also shift upwards when trading gets back in full swing as system builders will start to replenish their stocks in the new year.

News source: The Inquirer

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