Chrome 8 unleashed

Google has really been pushing versions of its Chrome browser out the window at an alarmingly fast pace. Since its release (just two years ago), Google is now pushing its eighth version of Chrome into users eagerly waiting arms. According to Download Squad, Google has moved Chrome 8 (verison 8.0.552.215) to its stable release list. Dont be thrown off if you also see it in the Beta channel. For some reason, theyre hosting it in both places.

Gone are the days where you had to download a browser plugin to view PDF files. Chrome 8 comes with its own PDF support baked right in. Also noted is Chrome 8s support for web apps. This is likely due to the Chrome Web Store that Google plans to launch in the near future. Sync, which is great for keeping your bookmarks uniform across your computers, has also been updated to support apps.

Besides over 800 bug fixes, there is also a new experimental feature called the Flags menu (accessed by typing about:flags in the address bar). It includes options for the following:

  • tabbed settings
  • side tabs
  • Instant Search
  • auto disabling of old plugins
  • cross-site scripting protection
  • GPU accelerated compositing
  • WebGL 3D canvas rendering
  • remoting
  • cloud print

Theres no need to go and download the update if youre a current Chrome user. Google will automatically push it to you, as it always has. If youre not a Chrome user and youd like to give it a go, visit Google Chromes website and download a copy today.

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