Chrome will stop annoying Flash content by default; save you some battery life

Ever open up a webpage so Flash-heavy that your laptop starts heaving and your battery life goes out the window in an instant? Of course you have -- we all have. But Google wants to put an end to that experience with a future version of Chrome.

The latest Chrome beta feature is a new toggle that lets users select which Flash content will be automatically played and which content will not. The giant search engine company says it’s been working closely with Adobe to create this feature and make sure that only content that “isn’t central to the webpage” gets blocked. And in case something you’re interested in gets accidentally filtered then you can simply click on it to resume.

Besides the obvious annoyance factor, this feature might also improve battery life on mobile devices like laptops. At least that’s how Google is pitching it, though arguably this would’ve been a lot more useful a few years ago than today.

Still, it’s a nice feature that some will no doubt find useful. As mentioned above it’s already available in the latest Chrome Beta and it will be coming to stable desktop builds in the next few months.

Source: Chrome Blog via: Engagdet

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Even better would be to remove flash entirely. Sadly so many websites still use it.


it seem ads provider need to return of plain image, or.. they could pay google to have their flash/video ads get white-listed by chrome filtering.


The toggle isn't new. It's already there in Chrome but the default is to run all plugin content. With the new beta (and eventually when they update the stable branch) they will change the default to "Detect and run important content".

So therefore you can change it now. I have... on Neowin the big skyscraper Flash ad on the right and the leaderboard ad at the top has a Play button on it.


Meanwhile, W10 is bundled with Flash plugin which user can't control.


insanelyapple said,
Meanwhile, W10 is bundled with Flash plugin which user can't control.
Wrong. Internet Options, Security tab, Custom Level, scroll to ActiveX controls and Plug-ins for extensive options, including options for running them.


You can't control update process or remove it completely from system.


insanelyapple said,
You can't control update process or remove it completely from system.
Wrong again. You can choose to not install the update just like any other Windows Update update.

You can also disable it via the "Manage Addons" function (make sure you elect to "Show All add-ons" in the "Show" drop-down).


testman said,

You can also disable it via the "Manage Addons" function (make sure you elect to "Show All add-ons" in the "Show" drop-down).

Remove/disable is not the same thing.


techbeck said,

Remove/disable is not the same thing.

Depends on the context. In the context of not seeing any Flash items in the browser, it's EXACTLY the same thing. In the context of saving disk space, then no. The only person concerned with the latter would be a totally nerdy person who wants to pointlessly save a few hundred KBs.


testman said,
Wrong again. blablah

User can't control installing updates process in Windows 10 Insider Preview. Also Flash plugin isn't present on both installed programs and installed updates, in both Control Panel and modern Settings. Stop spreading bs and go check how W10 look like and works so far in Insider Program.


Given that it's often ads that are being displayed in Flash, I'm okay with this! :laugh:


this features already available at chrome stable v43 or even earlier, v42. cant remember it.


There's always flashblock and then there's the simple way of just disabling flash.

Not positive as to how easy it is to disable flash in Chrome, as I don't use it, but for as easy as it is to disable in Firefox and IE, this sounds like nothing important. Besides, I'm almost willing to bet the majority of the people here already have flash disabled some wya or another, especially the people who say stuff like flash should've been in a museum years ago! :)


Don't worry, HTML + CSS Transitions are here to save the day!


Not installing Flash at all really helped me.

Jub Fequois

Because you, pardon the assumption, use Safari. (As do I primarily.)

Unfortunately Flash Player comes bundled with Chrome, at least on Windows and OS X.


Now if only Flash would stop trying to bundle annoying Chrome content.


this isn't a new feature..
chrome://settings/content, scroll down to Plugins and change the setting
chrome://plugins/ you can disable Flash outright


Opera > Settings > Websites > Plug-ins > (*) Click to play

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