Classic Gaming Expo 2002

"Despite yet another change in personnel at the Plaza, we've finally nailed-down the dates for CGE 2002. Mark your calendars now and start setting aside a few bucks because this August 10th & 11th, Classic Gaming Expo 2002 will be going on. Do you really want to be reading about it again this year??

We're shooting for 1500 attendees this year and we've been working quietly in the background to further enhance our lineup of guests. As of this writing, we've already found about fifteen new people - many of them former Coleco employees! In years past, our Coleco representation has been weak to non-existent. We're making a genuine effort to rectify that situation and feature an all-star Coleco panel this year. Our keynote speeches are one of the most popular events held at CGE and we always strive to have a few new faces each year.

Another thing CGE has come to be known for is the release of new games for classic systems. We do our part in rounding-up previously undiscovered titles as do some of the vendors. To date, we've already secured three titles that were programmed in the early 80's and will debut at CGE this year. We also have several others in the works that we expect to have ready for the show. That's not to mention the homebrew guys. Talk is circulating about quite a few new games intended to be completed in time for a CGE release this year.

Much discussion has gone on in regards to controlling the lines of people waiting for the CGE exclusive games to be released. We plan to do everything we possibly can to make the distribution of the new games as fair, quick, and orderly as possible. Lines of people standing around for two hours waiting for this or that game to be released is not what CGE is all about. There's way too much going on for you to be wasting your time standing in line! We will institute a plan that will alleviate the lines and waiting.

Last year the auction was very well-received so we'll be running another one this year. We also have a few new "events" planned that should keep things interesting for even the seasoned CGE attendee.

2002 will mark the 30th anniversary of Atari, the 20th anniversary of the Vectrex and the CGE's 5th anniversary. The plans we have for CGE 2002 will, simply put, rock the classic videogame community!! Check this page from time to time for the latest news. Rest assured...CGE 2002 will be even bigger and better!"

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