Classic Shell brings Classic Start Menu to Windows 8

Good news, Metro haters: Classic Shell, a free and open-source program that replicates the classic Start Menu and Explorer à la Windows 95, now supports Windows 8 Consumer Preview!

As you can tell from the screenshot below, Classic Shell lets you choose from a variety of features and styles, so you can set up the OS to run just how you like it. It's also skinnable, so you can even make it look like the shunned love child of Windows Classic and Metro if you want to.

Classic Shell exemplifies one of the really great things about computers: you can customize them to your heart's content. Hopefully this means that everyone who wants to will be able to enjoy Windows 8 in whatever form they choose, whether it's in all of its vanilla Metro goodness, or a complete replica of Windows 3.1 with improved stability. Let's just all get along, okay?

You can download Classic Shell here. A full list of features is available from here.

Thanks to Neowin member Faikee for the tip

Image via Faikee

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