CNBC: PCs need to pay $600 extra to perform as well as Mac

Yep. You read correctly. Hot on the heels of CNBC's bold statement that Apple is beating the recession comes a range of new statements: apparently, Apple's Mac OS X comes with Photoshop, and PC users need to pay at least $600 to perform as well as a Mac. Read on.

They video posted by CNBC, embedded below, starts off giving a brief history of Microsoft and Apple's ad campaigns, and Apple's market share, etc. The video spends the rest of the time detailing the "true costs" of owning a PC, versus owning a Mac. So, what do the mighty technology experts at CNBC's On The Money have to say about it? First of all, Jim Goldman says that a Mac's higher price includes things that you're not necessarily going to get in a "stripped-down PC". Here's a list of things that "you're also gonna want to buy":

Norton Anti-Virus: $50/year
Multimedia Software: $80-$104
Photoshop: $140
Video Editing: $100
Music Software: $100
Geek Squad Visit: $129

That's taken word for word from the video that we've included. Ridiculous, no? Those are the things you need to buy "for a PC to perform as well as a Mac", apparently. Here's another quote: "Photoshop, you get that with Apple, you don't get that with a PC." "If your PC breaks down; Macs tend not to, if your PC breaks down, you're gonna want to call the Geek Squad."

A $699 PC will cost about $1500 for it to perform as well as a Mac, says Goldman. Next up is a list of intangibles: a MacBook apparently weighs 1.2 lbs. lighter, as well as has a battery life that's four times longer, plus has a "faster chip" and high resolution screen. "On an Apple, better than 8 hours [battery life]."

Remember what CNBC says: "Once you go Mac, you never go back." At least Goldman admits that he's a Mac guy. We'll leave you commenters to the video, so have at it!

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