CNet Benchmarks two 2ghz P4 PC's

Cnet has put up their review/benchmark of two machines equipped with the latest deamon from Intel:

"Even though a 1GHz computer is more than adequate for everyday tasks, reaching 2GHz is a milestone event--and especially so for Intel. When the company optimized its Pentium 4 core for higher clock speeds, it pared down the amount of work that could be done per clock cycle and wound up with a processor that, cycle for cycle, performed considerably slower than an Athlon or a Pentium III. The idea was that the higher clock speeds would eventually allow the P4 to surpass the performance of those other processors. Bingo! With the Athlon stuck at 1.4GHz and the Pentium III at 1.13GHz, the 1.7GHz and 1.8GHz versions of the P4 brought the processor to performance parity. Now that it's finally hit 2GHz, the P4 has enough extra clock cycles at its disposal to leave the competition in the dust. "

News source: CNet's 2ghz Pentium 4 review/benchmark

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