Come play Minecraft with us at 8PM EST, be a part of our video

Did you join our Minecraft server and build something awesome? If you did, tonight is the night to show off your goods with pride as we will be taking some screenshots and possibly video of our world this evening and want you to make a cameo.

Make sure to login around 8PM EST and hang out until 10PM EST to be part of the action.

If you haven’t joined up already, the information is below and there is still time to build something awesome.

We have two different worlds you can play in. A survival world, where anything goes but you're pretty much on your own and we also have a creative world, where you can build anything you like with any block and there are no limits. We do hope you guys enjoy it and have fun, and we're excited to see what type of creations you guys bring. But before you join, please read the instructions and rules below.


1.       Download a copy of the latest version of Minecraft

2.       To prevent griefing and have build permissions, you must post your minecraft username in this thread or in the comments of this post.

3.       Add or and join!

4.       Build and have fun


·         Be nice, polite, and respectful

·         No Griefing, this is your only warning

·         Do not build on others door steps without permissions, explore and find your own land

·         Do not be annoying

·         Do not build at spawn without permission of an admin

·         Do not modify any other players builds without permission

·         Have fun, if you don't have fun you will get slapped

·         Label all builds in creative

·         Creative has some items blocked, ask Titan or God for placement/access

·         Survival has little limitations, so its free reign, be warned (we have /lwc to lock chests)

Server Ranks

·         Gods - Server ops (Laurasaur, Timan, Fpbecker)

·         Titans - Server mods

·         Heros - Special people

·         Citizens - Regular user

·         Peons - Guests (you must be approved first)

Server Worlds

·         Survival (with nether & the end)

·         Creative

If you have any suggestions for our server, be sure to head over to the forum thread that has an active discussion on the topic. Happy building!


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