Coming Soon - Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3

Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3 will be launched shortly. Whats new !?

Faster than ever. Itll be up to 70 percent faster to sign in and see your e-mail. Of course, along with more speed, youll get powerful technology that deflects spam and helps protect you against viruses and scams.
Simpler, cleaner design. Were combining the classic and full versions of Hotmail, so you get access to everything Hotmail has to offer. The reading pane will let you check out your e-mail without having to open it up.

Put more you in your e-mail. New themes and colors will let you design the look of your inbox, so your personality can really shine through.

Closer to your contacts. Just start typing in the "To" line and youll get a choice of e-mail contacts that most closely match what youve typed. Plus, itll be even easier to e-mail groups of people.

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