Comparison of Extra & High Textures in Call of Duty has thrown up this comparison of Call of Duty. PcKiller and Neodark took the screenshots used in this file.

A friend of mine, Neodark, has made a flash file so you can see the differences in the extra, and the high textures on a 9800 Pro 258, and a 9800 Non-Pro 128 video card. I took all of my uncompressed screenshots ( 1st and 3rd ) using the 9800 Pro 256MB card of the opening at the training level with 1,600 by 1,200 32 bit color, With 6X AA, and 16x AF. One has the extra textures, and the other has the high textures.

Neodark's uncompressed screenshot is the same setting as my 1st one, and his is the second one of the three. He was using a 9800 Non-pro 128 MB card. The screen shots are labeled so you can see which is which. We did this is show that there is not difference between a 256MB card, and a 128MB card like some people are saying.

Download: Comparison of Extra & High Textures in Call of Duty

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