CompUSA Guarantees Vista, Will Reinstall Old OS If Necessary

Do you want to have Vista installed but couldn't care less about the physical media? As reported earlier, you can download it from Microsoft or, you can pay a fraction of the retail price for CompUSA to install it for you (plus the price for Vista), along with a particularly thoughtful "satisfaction-guarantee".

CompUSA guarantees that customers who buy Vista or Office 2007 along with in-store installation will be satisfied with their Windows Vista update. If not, the retailer will refund the purchase price and reinstall the PC's original operating system. Customers who bring their PCs to a CompUSA store before 3:00 p.m. Jan. 29 will be able to buy just the installation of Vista or Office installation for $19.99 and retrieve the computer as early as 12:01 a.m. January 30. From Tuesday on, installation fees will revert to $49.99 (in-store) and $149.99 (in-home). CompUSA is also offering a trade-up deal where an old functional laptop can be converted to credit towards the purchase of a new Vista-equipped computer. The credit amount will be based on the notebook's condition, hardware specifications and age.

News source: CRN

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