Constructor returns to GOG in a 24-hour giveaway

After a two year absence, System 3's Constructor has made a return to GOG ahead of the anticipated release of Constructor HD for PC, PS4, and Xbox One some time in February 2017 while a release for Nintendo Switch is also on the cards. To mark its return to the store, GOG is now giving away the game for free with the offer expiring at 1 pm UTC, roughly 12 hours from the time of writing.

Originally released in 1997 as a DOS title, the game was later brought to numerous consoles in addition to the Windows and Mac platforms. Constructor brought with it a new take on construction and management simulators, with the basic premise of building a real-estate empire while driving your competitors into the ground by any available means, including the use of gangsters, hippies, and clowns.

As with other games of this vintage, such as X-COM: UFO Defense, online reviews of the game can be few and far between. However, based upon three somewhat polarized ratings, the game managed to score 58.67% according to GameRankings, indicative of the love/hate relationship players had with the game.

In order to claim your free copy, which includes a 48-page manual, head on over to the Constructor page on GOG and add the game to your cart before checking out. It's also a DRM-free title so you'll be able to play the game on as many Windows, Mac, and Linux devices as you wish.


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