Cortana for Android adds new color customization options

A new update is available for the Cortana app on Android, which adds a touch of customization to the digital assistant. If you weren't happy with the color choice in the redesign that happened earlier this month, you're in luck.

As you can see from the image, the options will allow you to customize various background and accent areas of the app. Unfortunately, you'll only get four colors to choose from, one of which is the purple that came with the redesign. The other three are blue, green, and black (sorry, red, yellow, and orange fans).

It doesn't seem likely that the new options will be coming to the iOS variant of the digital assistant, as it never got the same update that Android did, which included the purple theme. It did get updated with the new features though, such as quick actions and full-page answers.

The update is live in the Google Play Store right now, and you can download or update it right here.

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