Cortana to get geo-fenced Wi-fi activation

Microsoft released upon the world a technical preview of Windows 10 and even though Cortana does not work in this version, there are still assets related to the feature in the build. Because of this, you can crack open these files and take a look at what is coming down the pipe for the platform.

While we now know that package tracking is coming, another new feature will be geo-fenced Wi-Fi activation. Like the last bit of information, this information comes from a resource file pertaining to Cortana, bootstraprules.xml. 

The new feature uses geo-fencing to determine when to turn off or on your Wi-Fi. For example, when you come home from work, Cortana will know to turn your Wi-Fi on to connect to your network. Likewise, when you leave, it will turn off Wi-Fi but say you go to your friends house who has Wi-Fi, Cortana will know to turn it back on thanks to geo-fencing.

It's not hard to see how this will be valuable for both Windows Phones and laptops/tablets as it can help to save you some battery life. While there is no time-line for the roll-out, the assets are starting to come together to enable this feature.

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