Could current Lumia devices get big price cut soon?

We are just a couple of days away from Nokia's big press announcement in New York City where the company is highly expected to reveal two upcoming Windows Phone 8 products. But that may not be the only thing that Nokia has up its sleeve.

The New York Times reports that Nokia could also announce price cuts for at least some of its existing Lumia smartphones in order to help with the company's move to the new, and more advanced Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia has already cut the price of the Lumia 900 here in the US. Originally released for $99.99 in April, it reduced the price to $49.99 just three months later.

The article also claims that Nokia could also reveal plans to improve the encryption features in Lumia smartphones. The hope is that business and enterprise users will jump ship and use Lumia products instead of BlackBerry phones. The phone's creators, Research in Motion, have already lost a lot of its smartphone market share in the past couple of years, which has begun to benefit Nokia and Microsoft.

The same article also says that these new Windows Phone 8 products could represent a final attempt by both Nokia and Microsoft to take a significant chunk of the smartphone industry from Apple and Google. International Data Corp. analyst Francisco Jeronimo, is quoted as saying, "It is very clear that Microsoft and Nokia are in a marathon. They are not looking at short-term results. This is not about selling devices alone but about selling an ecosystem."

Source: New York Times | Image via Nokia

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