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Activewin has posted a link to a court ruling on the controversial website. The court ruled that submissions for free software (and PCs) made via the site were not legitimate, and as such all submissions made through it would be rejected.

The website, operated by, attempted to use the Californian settlement against Microsoft to its own benefit by getting users to signup and make a claim. The website stated :

"Microsoft was found guilty of anti-trust violations based on claims brought by the U.S. Department of Justice. Microsoft recently agreed to a $1.1 BILLION settlement to resolve numerous lawsuits alleging that Microsoft's behavior violated antitrust and unfair competition laws. This settlement brings with it some very good news for consumers! Eligible consumers who act quickly can receive their share of the $1.1 billion settlement. "

Lindows saw an opportunity to capitalise on the ruling by getting Microsoft to pay for users to have Lindows software and hardware; undoubtedly too bitter a pill for Microsoft to take. Microsoft filed suit against the website. Michael Robertson, owner of Lindows and a strong anti-Microsoft voice, will undoubtedly be disappointed with the ruling.

News source: ActiveWin

Download: Court Documents (pdf)

View: The real MS claims website


View: NW Article : "MS takes $1.1bn 'hostage' to freeze Lindows out of CA"

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