Crackdown demo blows away competition

Microsofts recent Crackdown demo, a free download available only for Gold Tier members on Marketplace, this week made Microsoft history.

Thats right, beating out top downloads like Lost Planet and Fight Night among others, Microsofts Crackdown demo, released on January 23, kicked everyone elses asses. Microsoft told IGN that this week the Crackdown playable demo was the most downloaded demo for a 24-hour period and the most downloaded demo during a seven day (week-long) period.

All this and the Halo 3 Beta wasnt even included. Slight jest there, but its true. Perhaps gamers are finding they like Realtime Worlds" game more than they initially did? Perhaps word of mouth was the key? Perhaps co-op gaming was smartly realized in Crackdown (you could play the demo online with two players)? There are probably many reasons and all of these assuredly pertain.

Microsoft wouldnt release actual numbers, but is likely to do so in the near future.

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