Creative plugin sabotages Winamp player?

Warp2search is reporting an issue with: Creative Lab's portable Nomad plugin:

gen_nomad.dll is silently installed without the user's knowledge by Creative PlayCenter2 and Playcenter3 (Audigy) included with the SBLive Soundcard CD-ROM is said to be responsible for the following issues:

  • Winamp cannot be maximized once it has been minimized to the tray.

  • Sections of main Winamp window disappear.

  • Scrollbar & time display no longer functioning.

  • Causes memory and resource leaks.

  • Crashes Winamp and freezes Windows.

There should be an option in the plugins config screen to ban this evil plugin. Maybe with a further option to unban it if the user really wants to use it?

According to Creative Labs, it actually works for them, but I'm having none of it.

To remove this evil plugin:

Close Winamp, and go to x:Program FilesWinampPlugins (where x: is your drive letter) and delete gen_nomad.dll from there.

View: More details on this @ Winamp forums (also includes known problems with other 3rd party plugins)

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