Creature Labs injects new life into 'Warlords'

Twenty-two years on, Creature Labs has totally revamped this classic game and has treated it with tender loving care, re-introducing an interactive milestone to the modern gaming world.

"Warlords was one of the first four-player titles shipped for the Atari® 2600™ video game console," said Howard Newmark, Business Development Director of Creature Labs. "With the current interest in retro games generated by the historic nature of the 'Game On' video game art exhibition (currently on show at London's Barbican Gallery), we're pleased to have been selected as the developer to update this classic by introducing a new multi-player format."

Adds Newmark, "Although Creature Labs is probably best known for our artificial life sim games, Warlords demonstrates our ability to create pure, arcade-style gameplay as well. In our version of Warlords players are able to test their skills against the computer or they can battle three of their friends in multi-player mode. The game is tense and furiously active to the extent that it will either leave players feeling victorious in battle or despairing in defeat."

Appearing as the lead title in the exclusive Atari® Revival™ compilation, Warlords has been released in North America by Infogrames to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of Atari. Three of the biggest arcade hits of the '80s have been revived, renewed and recreated with colourful 3-D graphics and clever game twists - including updated versions of Missile Command® and Combat™. All three games will remain faithful to the spirit of the originals that appeared on the Atari 2600, but have been improved with more challenging and sophisticated levels, detailed graphics and imaginative power-ups.

The player is armed with a powerful shield and takes on the role of the commander of one of four towers. It is his or her responsibility to defend their own tower from the fireballs of a lethal renegade dragon, and deflect the incoming bombardment from the three opposing towers. The main objective of the game is for each player to carry out destruction while trying to keep his or her castle intact. The gameplay provides a challenging combination of skill and perseverance, and this is what ultimately makes Warlords stand the test of time.

News source: WorthPlaying

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