Creatures: The Albian Years announced

Fusion Labs announces its plans to release Creatures and Creatures 2 in a single pack in Europe next month.

Fusion Labs and developer Gameware Development have today announced their intention to release Creatures: The Albian Years in Europe next month. The two-game bundle, which is expected to carry a suggested retail price of 12.99 pounds, will contain full versions of the artificial-life simulations Creatures and Creatures 2.

In Creatures titles, players exist as a virtual presence in a fantasy world inhabited by small furry creatures known as norns. In the original game, players must hatch and raise baby norns, teach them a language and how to interact with objects, and then take them on a great journey to ensure the survival of their species. Creatures 2 essentially offers more of the same, with a new world to explore, new creatures to interact with, and an opportunity for players to breed their favorite norns so that their genes and dominant characteristics are passed on to the next generation.

News source: GameSpot

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