Cryptic teaser site from AMD, but what do they plan to reveal?

A cryptic countdown from AMD is nearing the 00:00:00 mark with just over 24 hours to go. The site,, features a balloon-like sphere getting closer and closer to Earth as time progresses. Other than the initial mind boggling imagery, it's a large cinematic webpage with minimal text and a large centered countdown display. 

The only sign that AMD actually has any relevance to the site is because of the blue text box surrounding the teasing text. "So far ahead of its time we are launching it at the edge of space" is both mysterious and secretive, yet reeks of AMD with its styling; doing a quick WhoIs lookup confirms the domain belongs to the company.

Although AMD has remained silent regarding the site, we reckon the latest mobile Kaveri processor, suspected to be revealed at Computex 2014, could be linked to the teaser. The major tech event just so happens to take place later this June, and wccftech has reportedly confirmed the next generation mobile lineup could indeed be announced there.

We'll be sure to keep you posted for what AMD reveal within the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

Source: ifitcanreachspace ​| Thanks alwaysonacoffebreak for the tip!

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