CryRecon - New Crysis Mod announced!

Set in 2010, ten years before the incident in the South China Sea, CryRecon:NanoWarrior returns to the service career of a young Jake Dunn. Currently serving as a US Delta Force operator, Dunn is selected to lead an advanced Recon-Assault team and posted to North Korea, following the escalation of the evolving political crysis.

The player takes on the role of Dunn, commanding an elite squad in the opening, and possibly closing gambit of the military action in North Korea. With advanced sqad mechanics, tactical support, including; airstrikes, gunship support, medical and weapon supplies & vehicle drops, you will have all the tools necessary to complete missions silently and undetected, or by leaving a path of total devistation across the map. A token based system rewards the player for completing various side missions with purchasable weapon upgrades, additional equipment and levels of air support. A dynamic, plot driven storyline, including multiple outcomes will hopefully immerse the player in the role of Dunn and provide both a tactical and exciting gaming experience.

Nano:Warrior squad based mechanics gives the player the ability to command and control his team and the battlefield in realtime.

Features Include:

  • 3rd person and 1st person switching
  • Dynamic waypointing (realtime or via PDA)
  • Suppression fire on position or target
  • Team Follow
  • Team Hold
  • Flanking (Flank Target or position left/right)
  • TeamMate helmet camera
  • Recon mode (weapons hold and enhanced enemy spotting)
  • New custom team mate voice responses
  • Team mate spotted enemies update on your map immediatly.
  • Enemy tagging (team mates and enemies are tagged in your view)
  • Airstrikes which can be called on any target throughout the map.
  • Weapons/Medical supply & Vehicle drops via the PDA or realtime.
  • Gunship / Helicopter support in realtime.
  • Realtime UAV Scanning Support.
  • Custom skins.
  • Custom character model attachements.
  • Weapons settings re-written for a more realistic gameplay experience.
CQC formation and door stacking procedures including flash and clear with room clearing. Token based gameplay with rewards for secondary objectives allowing the player to purchase weapon upgrades, airstrikes and support. The nanosuit and its features can be unlocked or purchased at times throughout the game, but are balanced against the opportunity of utilizing airstrikes and support for similar costs. Plot driven storyline with multiple outcomes based on the players achievement
of key objectives.

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