Current top 10 free Windows 8 apps list has few changes

A month ago, we listed the current top 10 most downloaded free Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store. Today, we decided to check out the current list to see if there had been any major changes and, lo and behold, we discovered that January's list was not much different than the one in December.

Currently, the store lists Microsoft's own Xbox SmartGlass Windows 8 app in the number one free app position, with number two going to Microsoft's Skype client for Windows 8. This is the same spot both apps were positioned in December's list. Microsoft has yet to reveal how the top 10 list is created in the Windows Store, but if the list represents the current numbers of downloads rather than all-time download numbers, then lots of Windows 8 users are interacting with their Xbox 360 consoles via their PCs, and using Skype to chat with one another.


In third place comes the Google Search app, while the fourth spot this month belongs to the Windows 8 Netflix app. In December, it was Netflix which had the third place slot, while Google Search was in the fourth position. Again, there hasn't been much change in one month's time.

In fifth places comes a brand new entry to the list, the Adobe Reader Windows 8 app, that launched in mid-December. Even though Microsoft's own Reader app can allow users to access PDF files, it looks like Windows 8 owners still feel the need to download a dedicated PDF file reader from Adobe. Sixth place on the list goes to Facebook Touch, the third party Facebook app from the FBTouch development team that was in the fifth spot in December. As we have reported before, Facebook currently has not announced any plans to release a dedicated Windows 8 app of their own.


Microsoft Solitaire Collection is in seventh place on the free Windows 8 app list this month; it's gone up two places from the ninth position in December. In eighth, a new third party YouTube app simply called Youtube Player, from the developer team of T.O.K.

In ninth place comes the app with the super-long name, YouTube MP3 & Videos downloader, which was in the eighth spot in December.

Finally, the 10th most downloaded app on the free Windows 8 app list is the official ESPN app which launched in late November and has been moving up the charts ever since. We suspect that it will get a lot of activity next weekend thanks to Super Bowl XLVII.

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