Customers report 4G iPod blemishes

Not all fourth-generation iPod owners are happy lately. It's not a performance problem, but the appearance of smears, scratches and blemishes on the music player's case. It's not just the smears, scratches, and blemishes that have 4G iPod users upset. Apparently on a lot of iPod's there is a sticky residue, which occurs after removing the protective shipping material. Seems like a lot of fuss over nothing (especially the sticky residue), but hey if you paid top dollar for an iPod I can see why you'd be upset.

New fourth-generation iPods are making their way into customers' hands, but some users are complaining about smears, scratches and blemishes on the music player's case. Some customers are discussing the problem at Apple's support discussion forums. Users are providing a wide range of descriptions of their iPods' blemishes, including a light brown stain, worn plastic, scratches, brushed marks, and visible smears.

News source: Think Secret

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