Cybernet Zero-Footprint PC

Cheers Ian of Designtechnica. They take a first look at Cybernet's new Zero Footprint PC.

Imagine a whole personal computer built into your keyboard, well they have finally done it! Here is a piece from the First look:

"There's a new concept out there... a PC in a keyboard. Zero-Footprint PC designers were given a task. Build a powerful PC but eliminate the BOX! The challenge was issued, and it was conquered. Introducing the Elite-II Zero-Footprint PC by Cybernet.

As many of us out there are looking to upgrade our current PCs, the two main things on our minds are price and space. Unfortunately, price is always going to be sky high. Space, on the other hand, seems to be a new battle field for PC companies. They want to make their computers sleeker, sometimes wireless, and definitely smaller. Sleeker is always nice. There's nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy for the user. Wireless is good, but we know that the signal from the keyboard or mouse can be a bit degraded at times. However, smaller seems to be the key factor that most consumers are looking for."

News source: Cybernet Zero-Footprint PC

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