D-Link AirPlus Wireless Networking Products

Thanks Dexter for the email. Digital Domination has just wrapped up their review article on D-Link AirPlus Wireless Networking Products, and here's a snip from the article:

    "Just imagine, surfing the net by the pool, chatting over IRC on the couch or my favourite: cable internet in bed. Yes! Cable internet in bed! Heaven! With wireless networking all this and more is possible. Wireless networking provides an enormous convenience advantage over traditional ethernet networks, but unfortunately they are rather slow compared to 100Mb ethernet and while we wait for faster wireless links we are stuck at 11Mb, that is until D-Link step in. There are a lot of 802.11b 11Mb wireless products out on the market at the moment, but D-Link's AirPlus range is rather special."
View: Complete review article at Digital Domination

Screenshot: D-Link AirPlus Wireless Networking Products

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